Logo batteryuniversity.eu präsentiert: 10th Battery Experts Forum April 05-07, 2016, Stadthalle Aschaffenburg

Welcome to the 10th Battery Experts Forum

In Germany lithium ion batteries are being utilized more than one hundred million times a day, no matter if in cell phones and laptops or in electric toothbrushes, cordless screwdrivers and lawnmowers, pedelecs and countless more applications. The term “Li-ion” has long been a strong argument for buying.
However, for competitive reasons it is immensely important for the battery industry to develop even more powerful, even smaller and even safer batteries.

In order to offer the industry as well as the end user the possibility to inform about latest technological trends from experts at first hand we have established the Developer Forum “Battery Technologies”.

For the already 10th time the expert forum with exhibition will open its doors on April, 05-07, 2016 in the Stadthalle Aschaffenburg- Germany.

For the first time we will offer a new training seminar around the topic Li-ion battery technologies and charging devices on the first day. On the following days the expert forum and the exhibition will take place as usual.

Expert Forum

The Forum offers participants the rare opportunity, in comparatively short time, to get comprehensive information in direct dialogue with the experts on all major trends and new developments.

Main topics:
  • Battery & charging technology
  • Power Management & Safety
  • Progressive battery manufacturing
  • E-Bikes / EV  / Automotive HEV
  • Raw materials / energy storage systems

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Accompanying exhibition

During the exhibition, you have the possibility to acquire information at the various exhibitor stands and establish new business contacts.



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